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Tower Defense 2

Tower Defense 2

Prepare yourself for the most intense and addictive defense game ever with Tower Defense 2! Choose your course, assemble a group of towers that can help you take down enemies easily, and try your best to reach the last round for the unexpected final boss!

Tower Defense 2 is an engaging defense game created by Will_Wam, who is famous for his The Ninja game series on Scratch. Players begin by choosing one of the four courses. Afterwards, they will be given a limited amount of money to purchase towers in preparation for the first wave of enemies. There are many types of places to choose from, such as towers that can slow down enemies, attack short-ranged, or shoot from any place! With each round complete, players will acquire more money to strengthen their defense. Do you have what it takes to complete all 30 rounds in Tower Defense 2?

For enthusiasts of similar games, Heavy Tower Defense is recommended as your next exciting gaming ventures. Best of luck!

How To Play

  • Interact with the game using your left mouse button.
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