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There is No Game

There is No Game

There is No Game is a curious non-game in which players will be greeted with a mysterious narrator who keeps on insisting that there is, in fact, no game to play! However, as you try to click aimlessly, you may find something falling out! Keep on wrecking havoc to find the…game within the game!

Created by Colinmacc, There is No Game is a Scratch recreation based on the game of the same name from Kamizoto. Interestingly, the creator himself is the one doing all the voiceover. Players begin by clicking everywhere to find the clue, which soon turns out to be something quite heavy. Keep on throwing it to see what happens next! Have plenty of fun trying to prove that there is a game to play, and watch the narrator trying to do whatever he can to prove otherwise with There is No Game!

How To Play

  • Interact with the game using the left mouse button.


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