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The Ninja

The Ninja

Embark on your own journey to become the most skilled ninja the world has ever seen with The Ninja! Overcome a series of dangerous traps, take down countless enemies, and collect all the weapons along the way!

The Ninja is a thrilling platformer game created by Will_Wam. As the first game in The Ninja series, it features the most basic controls and gameplay. Players begin their journey by jumping past different platforms and mastering the art of throwing ninja stars. Some levels require players to destroy all target boards in order to progress. The game will guide you through acquiring different weapons, which are crucial in getting past enemies unscathed. These include ninja stars and a sword that can deflect the attacks of other ninjas.

How To Play

  • Control the ninja with the arrow keys.
  • Throw the ninja stars and use the sword with the spacebar.
  • Change weapons with the Z key.
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