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The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game

Get ready for one of the most challenging games you will ever play with The Impossible Game! Take control of the cube and lead it through a series of obstacles, ranging from dangerous spikes to walls! Vibe to the music as you try to dodge the spikes with little room for error! What is your best score so far in both levels?

The Impossible Game is the Scratch recreation made by Shadowspear1, which is based on the arcade game of the same name. The objective of the game is extremely simple, and that is to lead the cube through a series of obstacles. The game itself has no end, but as players progress farther and farther, it will become increasingly difficult to maneuver. In addition, players can choose between two different levels. Hone your jumping skills and try your best to get past as many obstacles as possible in The Impossible Game!

How To Play

Make the cube jump with the up arrow key or the left mouse button.

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