Space Run

Space Run

Space Run is the newest game in the skill and adventure categories that takes place in space. In this game, you'll control an alien who is moving forward, trying to escape from dangerous spikes. Use the up, left, and right arrow keys to control the alien's actions. Your mission is to avoid rocks, rockets, and other obstacles that come in your path. If you accidentally bump into them and get stopped, you'll be impaled by the spikes and have to start over from the beginning. So, be careful and stay focused!

Please note that the rocket is extremely dangerous. If you can't avoid it, it will push you straight into the spikes behind you. Before the rocket appears, the game will give you a sign, so remember to pay attention to it. Remember, the longer you keep going, the higher your score will be. So, aim for a high score and challenge yourself to beat your own record.

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How To Play

  • Use arrow keys or touch controls to move and jump.