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Screw Puzzle

Screw Puzzle

Welcome to Screw Puzzle, the place where original problem-solving and strategic thinking collide! Enter a world of convoluted rings, twisted metal plates, and difficult puzzles that will put your abilities to the test. Can you solve the puzzle and finish the task on your first attempt?

Your goal is simple in this riveting pin puzzle game: unscrew every metal plate on the board to remove it from the board. But watch out—every action matters! Make sure to carefully consider your next steps, as once a screw is removed, it needs to be repositioned in order to guarantee that the plates fall in the right order. Prepare yourself for a mind-bending experience unlike any other, with infinite degrees of complexity.

Choose from three exhilarating game modes to suit your style. In normal mode, precision is key as you navigate through the maze of metal plates. Jigsaw Mission mode adds an extra layer of challenge as you place plates on the board according to a given picture. And for the ultimate test, tackle Jigsaw Puzzles mode, where you must both place and screw metal plates onto the board.

But have no fear—every obstacle is a chance to succeed. When available, use handsaws and explosives to cut through twisted ropes and loosen iron fragments. There's no time limit and countless opportunities for success, so just reset the level if you run into trouble.

So grab your mouse and get ready to go on an exciting journey full of turns, twists, and captivating puzzles. Screw Puzzle offers hours of captivating entertainment for puzzle fans and strategic thinkers alike. If you're in the mood for more, Tricky Picture Puzzle is here to test your intelligence once again. Do you feel up to the task? Start screwing now!

How To Play

Use your mouse to play this game.

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