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Scratch Wars

Scratch Wars

Go on a journey fraught with danger in Scratch Wars! Take control of the brave hero who is on his way to take down the evil force behind the relentless battles! Take your lightsaber and cut down all the enemies standing in your way!

Scratch Wars is a Scratch game created by Prof_Tecnologia. The game itself is based on the Star Wars series—as such, the game draws many features from the series, such as the enemies, the setting in space, and the iconic lightsaber. Players begin their journey by helping the hero reach the other side of the platform in each level. To progress, you will need to take risky jumps, cut down enemies, and deflect their attacks with your lightsaber! Avoid the laser lines, since they can hurt you very badly!

How To Play

  • Control the character with the arrow keys.
  • Use the weapon with the A key.
  • Skip the intro with the spacebar.
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