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Portal Scratch Edition 2

Portal Scratch Edition 2

Don’t miss out on Portal Scratch Edition 2 if you love engaging puzzle games! Based on the 3D game Portal, Portal Scratch Edition 2 puts players inside a stickman who is able to shoot portals in order to create additional paths! Think creatively to solve puzzles, and try your best to complete the game as quickly as possible!

Based on the concept of a 2D version of the puzzle game Portal, Alexandretherrien created Portal Scratch Edition 2. The game challenges players to think creatively in order to complete all 24 levels. How fast will you be able to reach the door to progress to the next level?

How To Play

  • Control the stickman with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Move the mouse cursor to aim, then press the E and Q keys to shoot blue and orange portals, respectively.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button to hold the box.
  • Reset the level by holding the R key.
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