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Music Rush

Music Rush

Music Rush presents an endless rhythmic running experience infused with captivating tunes suitable for all age groups. Immerse yourself in the rhythm and overcome an array of thrilling challenges today.

Dive into Music Rush, a captivating one-button endless runner with a musical twist. Join forces with renowned music icons and aspire to reach the apex of your career, quite literally. Witness the landscape and soundtrack evolve as you progress through various stages. With a collection of fifteen original songs spanning different genres, Music Rush promises a diverse musical journey.

Your objective in Music Rush is to guide your character through a series of obstacles. It includes spikes, hazards, traps, and pitfalls, by employing precise jumps using either mouse clicks or the spacebar. Additionally, each floor presents collectible items based on your journey distance. Gather these items to accumulate points and acquire power-ups such as extra lives or speed boosts, facilitating your ascent through multiple floors simultaneously.

Embark on the challenge of guiding your character to the summits of various architectural styles. Each accompanied by its own distinct background music representing its genre. Begin your adventure now, and invite your friends to join in the excitement!

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How To Play

Utilize the mouse or spacebar to execute jumps with your character.

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