Money Man 3D

Money Man 3D

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in Money Man 3D, the ultimate endless running game that will keep you hooked for hours! Are you ready to test your agility and financial prowess?

In this captivating game, you take charge of a unique character crafted entirely from cash. But beware, every hit and stumble diminishes your wealth, putting your character's life at risk. Your mission? Navigate through a maze of obstacles, dodging traps while snatching up as many coins as possible to amass a fortune.

Collect Coins, Dodge Obstacles: Guide your money-made hero through a perilous journey filled with traps and barriers. Avoid them at all costs to retain your wealth and momentum.

The more coins you gather along the way, the stronger you become. But beware, losing money means losing speed, so stay sharp and keep the cash flowing! Reach the end of each level and watch as your collected coins transform into a powerful multiplier. The bigger your haul, the greater your rewards!

Are you ready to prove your mettle as the ultimate Money Man? Join the adventure now and see just how much wealth you can amass in Money Man 3D!

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How To Play

Mouse Controls: Use your mouse to maneuver your character left and right, steering clear of obstacles and snatching up coins along the way.