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Money Clicker

Money Clicker

Fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire with Money Clicker! Click as much as you can to create money, and invest your hard-earned money on people and buildings, including an oil mine and even hacking, to generate passive income! How quickly will you be able to become the richest person in the world?

Money Clicker is a simple yet addictive clicker game created by GAMING_GUY18. Players can begin the game by clicking on the money icon on the screen. After you have accumulated enough money, you can start investing in things that can give you passive earnings, so your mouse won’t break from being clicked too much! Beginning with hiring more employees, you can buy a company, a factory, a mine, or even a money maker itself! Invest wisely and watch the money increase with satisfaction in Money Clicker!

How To Play

Interact with the game using your left mouse button.

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