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Lightcube Platformer

Lightcube Platformer

Get ready for a short adventure with Lightcube Platformer! Take control of the glowy cube and try your best to make your way out of the dark cave! With no additional torches nearby, the only light source you have is from the cube himself! Tread carefully, beware of obstacles, and try your best to lead him to the entrance of the cave!

Lightcube Platformer features simple yet engaging gameplay. The game was created by Firstject using the Scratch programming language. Players begin by taking control of the cube and starting to get past obstacles by jumping. With the light emitting from the cube, you will only be able to see things at a certain distance, making it harder to maneuver past obstacles. Avoid touching spiky objects such as rocks and urchins, and make use of spring pads to reach higher places!

How To Play

  • Control the cube with the arrow keys.
  • The longer you hold the up arrow key, the higher he will jump.
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