Jump Girl 3D

Jump Girl 3D

Assist a girl in climbing the tallest cat tower in Jump Girl 3D, a captivating casual jumping game! Get ready to stack those kitties and do precise jumps!

Your objective in Jump Girl 3D is to leap over cats and construct the tallest cat tower you can. To score points, jump down on the cats that are added from the left and right after you have started by standing on them. To keep from falling and finishing the level, time your jumps precisely. You'll get bonus points for cats that line up perfectly. Earn new character skins by turning your points into fish crackers, or get new cats by watching quick commercials.

How To Play

  • To jump, use your mouse.
  • Take your time jumping so that you land on the kitties.
  • To earn extra points, line up your jumps precisely.
  • To get new skins, convert points to fish crackers.
  • View quick advertisements to unlock new kitties.

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