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Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Don’t miss out on Hill Climb Racing if you want to challenge your maneuvering skills! Inspired by the smash-hit mobile game of the same name, Hill Climb Racing puts players on a road with limited fuel. Keep your vehicle going by collecting fuel on your way and collecting as many coins as possible to set a new high score!

Hill Climb Racing is a Scratch game created by Griffpatch. The game is a more simplified version of the original game; nevertheless, it provides just as much fun for players! You can swap between different levels and vehicles, but the key to a long road trip is to balance the vehicle properly, since the run is over once the driver is injured! 

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How To Play

  • Drive forward with the right arrow key.
  • Use the brake with the left arrow key.
  • Change the vehicle and level with the V key.
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