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Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Play rhythm-based platformer Geometry Dash Trump Circles to embark on an exciting journey that requires a special combination of skill, reflexes, and unshakable perseverance. Immerse yourself in the collaborative creation of Roll, Accord, Moufi, Gibbon, Darwin, and Titi, collectively known as Geometric Descent Trump Circles—an Easy Demon level with a humorous twist.

This level playfully parodies the election campaign of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and humorously satirizes the notion of building a wall between the US and Mexico. Despite its comedic theme, this level is recognized as one of the Nine Demon Rings with the least complexity, making it an accessible challenge for players of all skill levels.

To conquer the goal, you must skillfully guide the cube through thorny and perilous obstacles. The journey begins with a normal-speed cube section reminiscent of the iconic Nine Circles, setting the tone for the challenges ahead. As you progress, brace yourself for a moderately difficult ship sequence featuring jumping orbs, gravity changes, and demands for basic flight and precise timing.

The adventure continues with a ball passage filled with spheres and deceptive jumping blocks, testing your memory as you navigate through the intricate maze. The final stretch, constituting the last ~20% of the level, introduces a half-speed cube section—a deceptive twist that contributes to the perception of ease.

Your mission is clear: control the cube with finesse to overcome obstacles and reach the goal. If you revel in the excitement of rhythm-based platformers, Geometry Dash Trump Circles promises an experience like no other. For fans of the genre, Geometry Dash Nine Circles and Geometry Dash Black Blizzard are essential additions to your gaming repertoire. Good luck on your rhythmic journey!

How To Play

  • Use the spacebar or left mouse button to jump or fly upward.
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