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Geometry Dash Speedrun

Geometry Dash Speedrun

The Geometry Dash Speedrun presents an exhilarating journey through a vibrant, geometric realm, offering players an array of thrilling challenges. Crafted by Kaito and rigorously tested by Cinci. This extreme demon 2.1 propels players through stages featuring the cube, ship, UFO, ball, and spider forms, all executed at breakneck speeds.

Beginning with the cube, players must deftly navigate spikes and interact with spheres. Then seamlessly transitioning to the ball stage with its dynamically shifting gravity. Subsequent stages unfold rapidly, punctuated by brief respites such as the arrow ball section, characterized by its simplistic yet engaging mechanics.

The gameplay intensifies with each stage, from the nimble spider demanding precise teleportation between columns to the relentless speed of the ship, cube, UFO, and ball sequences. Branching pathways offer varied challenges, including intricate shape changes and double spider encounters, pushing players to their limits.

The climactic finale elevates the stakes further, with split-second decisions required to navigate through the increasingly frenetic obstacles. Notably, a single coin beckons completionists, tucked away at the 98% mark. It is accessible only by collecting two keys strategically positioned at 15% and 50%, adding an extra layer of complexity.

For aficionados of the Geometry Dash series, Geometry Dash Waos and Geometry Dash Frontline Full await, promising similar adrenaline-fueled experiences. Don't miss out—dive in now!

How To Play

To play this game, use the arrow up key, spacebar, or mouse.

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