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Geometry Dash ReTraY

Geometry Dash ReTraY

Coordinate your jumps strategically in Geometry Dash ReTraY, and let the square handle the rest for you! Enhance your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with this engaging game.

Geometry Dash ReTraY, a solo level rated 2 stars for its ease, is at version 1.9/2.0/2.1 and crafted by DiMaViKuLov26. The level boasts a timeless green-on-black aesthetic with various effects and pixel art incorporated. It features simple cube, ball, ship, wave, and UFO segments throughout the gameplay.

The adventure in Geometry Dash ReTraY kicks off with a half-speed cube section labeled "8-bit game." Following that is a straightforward UFO segment with non-threatening obstacles. The second phase begins with a normal-speed train, mirroring the seller's path and effortlessly surpassing it. Speed alternates between half and normal, leading into a double-speed wave section, which proves to be manageable with minimal challenges. Guiding arrows illuminate the way, simplifying navigation. The pace slows to half speed, accompanied by the message "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING," a circle with a heart, and a smiley face emoji.

There are three user coins scattered in Geometry Dash ReTraY, adding an extra layer of challenge. The initial coin appears at 15%, collected as ships. The second coin is at 31%, collected in ball form. The final user coin is located at 95% within the UFO segment.

Geometry Dash ReTraY guarantees an immersive gaming experience owing to its captivating gameplay and design. For those seeking similar thrills, consider exploring Geometry Dash Speed Racer and Geometry Dash Dark Paradise.

How To Play

  • Jump to the beat: Your square icon moves automatically, and you must click your mouse or press the spacebar or up arrow to execute jumps. Timing your moves to the music's beat is crucial for success.
  • Collect stars: Accumulate glowing stars as you progress through levels to earn points. The more stars you collect, the higher your overall score will be.
  • Navigate obstacles: Dodge spikes, saw blades, and other challenging obstacles. A single mishap requires you to restart the level, so precision is key.
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