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Geometry Dash Red World Rebirth

Geometry Dash Red World Rebirth

Experience the thrill of Geometry Dash Red World Rebirth, a widely acclaimed rhythm-based platformer that should not be overlooked. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of geometric shapes and embark on an exploration now!

Crafted as an Extreme Demon 1.8/2.1 collaboration by saRy and Neptune, this level introduces a unique rotating helicopter mode. The journey commences with a straightforward airball timing section, gradually progressing to a ship part, challenging jumps over spikes, and a particularly difficult and tight UFO segment. Players will navigate through rotating helicopter mode, encountering sharp arrows and escalating difficulty. Following the helicopter section, a challenging ship part demands a mix of skill, luck, and memory. The ultimate test comes in the form of the concluding ship section, featuring a demanding straight flight with intricate challenges.

Successfully navigating Geometry Dash Red World Rebirth requires players to employ agile hand-eye coordination. Memorization is crucial to conquering the most challenging segments of the game. Be cautious not to collide with obstacles, as any such mishap will result in restarting your run.

Dance to the rhythm, overcome obstacles, and ascend the leaderboards in this challenging and addictive adventure in Geometry Dash Red World Rebirth. For more similar challenges, explore Geometry Dash INNARDS and Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track. Dive in now!

How To Play

  • Jump using [up][w] [space] or click, landing on the yellow rings.
  • Steer clear of spikes.
  • In ship mode, hold to ascend and release to descend.
  • Press the yellow key for a higher jump and the blue key for an elevated jump (gravity gate excluded).
  • Toggle effects by pressing L to reduce delay.
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