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Geometry Dash OXIDIZE

Geometry Dash OXIDIZE

Let's explore the mining space, containing mines and machines in Geometry Dash OXIDIZE. Are you brave enough to enter this mysterious land?

The Goola produced Geometry Dash OXIDIZE, an Epic Easy Demon level with a rating of 10 stars and 1 user coin. Because brown, black, and white are the primary colors used in the game, the graphics are quite striking despite being relatively simple. Everything is rendered in black with white borders on a brown background, which makes everything stand out and look more appealing. The layout of the game's area is filled with rusty iron barriers and a gloomy, archaic feel. This level requires a lot of moving through confined locations, thus in order to succeed and prevent overwhelm, players must rapidly become accustomed to it from the start.

Geometry Dash OXIDIZE starts with a cube stage with jumps over platforms containing thorny obstacles. The level then continues to move through the gravity gate and the ball phase begins. Here, players move through sharp obstacles that appear along the way. Players need to move carefully because one wrong step when colliding with an obstacle will cause you to return to the starting line.

Geometry Dash OXIDIZE continues with the wave phase, and the cube changes continuously, requiring extreme concentration from the player. Then the spider stage begins, the player needs to move up and down through the platforms. The level continues with a small sized cube stage, then continues with a spider stage at a faster pace. The level then continues with the ship stage at a fast pace, then continues forward through the cube stage. And the special thing in this stage is that you will control both the cube and the spider at fast speed. Then the UFO stage begins, you are tasked with navigating the character flying through platforms full of sharp obstacles. After completing this stage the level ends.

Also in Geometry Dash OXIDIZE a coin appears, you must find and collect it to get bonus points but it is not required.

Are you ready for a challenging adventure in Geometry Dash OXIDIZE? Embark on exploring this strange new world now. If you want to participate in more similar interesting games, Geometry Dash BLAZE and Geometry Dash SubBass are games that you cannot miss.

How To Play

Use the mouse, spacebar or up arrow to direct the character to jump.

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