Geometry Dash Light Ray

Geometry Dash Light Ray

Geometry Dash Light Ray invites you into a vivid geometric world where you navigate your cube character through challenging obstacles. Created by Hilex, this epic hard level is rated 5 stars and offers 3 user coins. The game features simple yet highly attractive gameplay and impressive graphics, promising an interesting and engaging experience for players.

Game Structure and Stages

Ball Phase: Dodge spikes and collect the user coin at the end of the stage. Ship Phase: Navigate the character flying over rocks.

UFO Stage: Similar to the previous stage, navigate through obstacles. Collect user coins by flying low to the platform.

Cube Stage (High Speed) Objective: Navigate through obstacles at high speed, go through the gravity gate, and transition into the ball stage at high speed.

Train Phase, Objective: Short duration with navigation challenges.High-Speed Cube Phase: Navigate at high speed and collect the final user coin for additional bonuses and new character unlocks.

How To Play

  • Jump: Press [up], [w], [space], or click to jump. Use yellow rings to jump.
  • Avoid Spikes: Essential to survive and progress.
  • Ship Mode: Hold to fly up, release to fly down.
  • Yellow Pad: Hit to jump high.
  • Blue Pad: Hit to jump higher (missing a gravity portal).
  • Collect Coins: For bonus points.
  • Toggle Effects: Press L to reduce lag.

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