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Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

Enter Geometry Dash Kenos and take on your new challenges! Can you get past those unforeseen obstacles and safely guide the cube to the finish line?

A group of exceptionally creative people, including npesta, bianox, TrusTa, Noobas, Eclipsed, Zimnior12, Terron, TrueOmega, KrampuX, SlimJim, NikroDox, Combine, Salaxium, Spectex, Pennutoh, and DiamondSplash, worked together to develop the highly collaborative level Geometry Dash Kenos. With its extreme difficulty and talent, this Extreme Demon level earned a well-deserved 10-star rating.

The goal is to move and jump precisely through the level while avoiding collisions with saw blades, spikes, and other lethal traps. To pass the level, the player must precisely time his actions as the character progresses mechanically. This level is not for the weak of heart because it elevates the well-known Sakupen Hell to a new level. Develop your capacity to concentrate and find your inner rhythm in order to conquer this difficult task. Can you triumph over the upcoming obstacles and win?

You can get more experience if Geometry Dash Kenos is too challenging for you by playing games that are comparable, including Geometry Dash Payload and Geometry Dash Laser Room. I hope you succeed in overcoming this challenging task soon!

How To Play

  • To leap, press [up] [w] [space] or click on yellow rings.
  • Steer clear of the spikes.
  • Hold to fly up and let go to fly down in ship mode.
  • To jump high, strike a yellow pad.
  • To jump higher, press a blue pad (omitting a gravity portal).
  • Gather the coins to earn bonus points.
  • Toggle effects by pressing L (to lessen lag)
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