Geometry Dash Extinction

Geometry Dash Extinction

Geometry Dash Extinction introduces exhilarating new obstacles for you to conquer. Get ready for a journey through the world of rhythm!

Geometry Dash Extinction, the inaugural level in the Doom Gauntlet series by haoN. It offers an accessible yet engaging experience, particularly suited for novice players.

The level kicks off with a cube stage, navigating through dash orbs within a tunnel. Transitioning to a simple spider, followed by a faster cube segment requiring precise timing. A brief ship sequence and ball section follow, leading to a gate with a rapid reverse ship maneuver—beware of spikes overhead. After an automatic block section, a short ship flight, a UFO segment, and successive obstacles, including a wave with a narrow tunnel, await.

Proceeding, players encounter a UFO section navigating through pink rings, culminating in a cube portal. Exercise caution due to speed changes, especially when transitioning to the subsequent UFO.

Subsequent challenges include a concise train sequence, requiring precise inputs and ring bounces, followed by brief ball segments, straightforward cubes, and small reverse waves. A short spider segment and ball section follow, leading into a train gate where careful navigation is crucial.

The level concludes with a cube section leading to an automated passage, transitioning swiftly to a fast-paced ship sequence. Further, a brief ball segment, UFO jump, and concise cube section ensue. The player must navigate the ship in an inverted position, transitioning smoothly into the corresponding UFO portal while adapting to gravity changes. Following two rounds, the player faces the final, relatively simpler wave section, leading to an easy cube path towards the finish line.

Geometry Dash Extinction features three user coins, each offering bonus points and unlocking new characters. The first coin is strategically placed atop the spider, challenging players to navigate between platforms while avoiding spikes. The second coin requires obtaining a key at the 58% mark during a mini-wave segment. Finally, the last coin awaits at the 91% mark, accessible by bypassing a red ring and navigating through a narrow tunnel amidst deceptive spikes.

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How To Play

To play, utilize your mouse, spacebar, or the up arrow key for control.