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Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush

Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush

Demonstrate your aerial and leaping abilities in Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush, where mastering hand-eye coordination is the ticket to reaching the finish line. Let's kick things off right away!

Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush, version 2.0, adopts a basic style. Despite its frequent time constraints and divisions, it's still regarded as a relatively straightforward challenge. 

The journey begins with a simple cube, transitions into the robot phase, and then ventures into a series of segments involving a small cube. A complex UFO with shifting gravity, a wave segment, a brief block phase, and another encounter with the robot. The wave reemerges, followed by a swift and complex cube, a rapid wave segment, a ship phase, and then a double cube. The excitement continues with another wave segment, a double boat, a fast ball, and another cube phase. 

A straightforward robot screen is followed by a double wave sequence. Then a ship phase, leading into a smaller twin robot section where quick reflexes are essential. As you navigate through flying between colored blocks, you'll encounter the final challenge. A falling block segment where you must swiftly leap over obstacles by clicking on yellow spheres amidst triple-speed and regular flashes. Conquer this, and victory is yours.

Within Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush, three user coins are scattered throughout the course for you to collect. The first coin awaits at 36% completion during the robot phase. The second appears at 69%, also within the robot stage. And the third is tucked away at 96% amidst the cube challenges.

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How To Play

  • Simply press [up], [w], [space], or click to jump and leap onto the yellow rings. 
  • Be wary of spikes along the way. 
  • During ship mode, hold to ascend and release to descend. 
  • Utilize the yellow key for higher jumps and the blue key for added elevation (in the absence of gravity gates). 
  • Collect coins for bonus points, and press 'L' to toggle effects and reduce delays.
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