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Geometry Dash Dorabaebasic5

Geometry Dash Dorabaebasic5

Are you prepared for an exhilarating adventure filled with challenging obstacles in Geometry Dash Dorabaebasic5? Can you successfully navigate your cube character to the finish line? Let the journey begin!

Geometry Dash Dorabaebasic5, crafted by Dorabae, is a 1.8 Hard 4-star level and the fifth installment in the "Dorabae-Basic" series. The initial section features blocks, where you'll easily leap over spikes. Subsequently, a brief train segment unfolds in a spike-filled hallway, followed by a ball section where you must evade more spikes. Transforming into a UFO, you'll navigate through a narrow passage. The double cube part introduces simple jump spikes, leading to a dual ship area where you control each ship individually in a one-cube-high hallway. A 0.5x speed dual ship section follows, requiring basic dodging skills. The sequence transitions to a double cube, involving simpler leaps, ultimately concluding the level.

To guide the cube safely to the finish line, players control a square character that automatically advances. Your task is to steer the character through geometric obstacles, avoiding spikes, saw blades, and other hazards. A simple mouse click or spacebar press triggers a jump, while continuous jumping is achieved by holding down the mouse or spacebar.

If you successfully conquer the challenges in Geometry Dash Dorabaebasic5 and seek more excitement, consider trying out Geometry Dash HyperSonic and Geometry Dash Heartbeat! Enjoy the journey!

How To Play

Use your mouse to control the game.

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