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Egg Farm

Egg Farm

Take off on an exciting journey to find eggs in Egg Farm! Take on the role of a crafty fox and go on a mission to quickly steal tasty chicken eggs. However, not all eggs are made equal, so keep an eye out for bad ones!

Use the arrow keys to precisely move your fox as you race through the many stages. Every level is difficult: you must eat a certain amount of eggs to move forward while avoiding traps and obstacles. Pay attention to your heart meter—if you miss too many eggs, you risk losing your life!

But do not be alarmed; fortune rewards the bold! Meet remarkable hens who are laying eggs that possess special abilities. Grab these unique eggs to get game-changing enhancements like egg magnets and enlarged jaws. As you work to finish each level in the allotted time, keep an eye on your progress at the top of the screen.

Additionally, be on the lookout for the fabled rainbow chicken! Seize its eggs to receive extra-special advantages that will greatly enhance your ability to catch eggs.

But the good times don't end there! Check out other thrilling games that involve eggs, such as Egg Adventure and Egg Dash, each of which has its own special thrills and difficulties.

All set to let loose your inner hunter of eggs? Now grab your keyboard and let's explore Egg Farm!

How To Play

The arrow keys can be used to go left or right. 

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