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Dunk Challenge

Dunk Challenge

Dunk Challenge is a must-play for all basketball fans. Grab the ball and demonstrate your basketball abilities right now!

In Dunk Challenge, you will take on the role of a skilled basketball shooter. Each level provides a distinct challenge, ranging from shooting hoops at home to playing on an aircraft carrier. Every shot requires precision and planning, as 14 bullets are methodically distributed. Your goal is to guide the bouncing ball into the basket while demonstrating your elegance and tactical prowess.

To open the in-game store, collect purple diamonds along the journey. To personalize your gameplay, choose from 15 different ball skins. These skins will make your game stand out, whether you're playing a friendly match or an all-star battle.

How To Play

  • To play, use your mouse. 

Join the Dunk Challenge today and become a basketball superstar. For even more fun, try Stickman Football, Ball Drop, and Coreball Game!

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