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Drift Chase

Drift Chase

Show off your exceptional drifting skills with Drift Chase! Take control of a small car and wiggle your way out of the relentless chase of police cars! Since they will catch up with you sooner than later, you better cut them off by making them crash into one another! How long will you be able to stay on track?

Drift Chase features simple yet addictive gameplay. Created by FreNZyFIRE, the game features fast-paced chasing sessions between the cars, putting your maneuvering skills to the ultimate test. The game begins with your car being chased by police cars. Make sharp twists and turns to make them collide with one another, collect currencies on the road to acquire more cars, and have plenty of fun with Drift Chase!

How To Play

  • Control the car with the A and D keys or the left and right arrow keys.
  • Don’t let your car be crashed into by police cars!
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