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Bomberman is a Scratch recreation based on the immensely popular online game of the same name. Created by Griffpatch, the game features thrilling moments in which players try to trap others with their own explosives! Try your best not to get caught in others’ (and your own) detonated bombs, and be the last one surviving inside the arena!

Bomberman can provide players with tons of fun as they try to take down other players with bombs. Once players have destroyed grass with their bombs, they may find one of these power-ups:

  • Flame: Increase the blast range by 1.
  • Bomb: Increase the number of bombs dropped by 1.
  • Rollerskate: Move faster.
  • Boxing Glove: Punch a bomb into the air.
  • Kicking Boot: Kick the bomb away from you.
  • Mega Flame: Increase the blast range to maximum.
  • Line Bomb: Drop all your bombs in the line by pressing the spacebar twice.

Use the power-ups to your convenience and have plenty of fun with Bomberman!

How To Play

  • Control the character with the arrow keys.
  • Place a bomb with the spacebar.
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