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Black Jump

Black Jump

Explore the thrilling realm of Black Jump, where existence in the huge universe is precarious. Prepare yourself for a voyage across dangerous territory that is full of lethal traps and enemies that are hiding in plain sight.

Your best tool in Black Jump is agility, which you'll need to dash, leap, and conquer your way through each level. Be nimble with your reflexes and precise as ever as you steer through the dangerous gaps and around scary objects that could stop you in your tracks.

Sift through the dangerous terrain and collect precious crystals that are scattered throughout the abyss. Your lifeline, these priceless gems enable you to get access to additional features, improvements, and powers. In this heart-pounding adventure, hone your abilities, increase your speed, and strengthen your fighting skills to take the lead.

Use the agility of your mouse to control your character, guiding them between obstacles with drive and grace. Should the exhilaration of Black Jump enthrall you, don't overlook the palpably thrilling experiences of Halloween Jump and Doodle Jumping. The task is ahead of you—take it on!

How To Play

Use your mouse to play this game.