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Get ready for the ultimate multiplayer experience with Arena! The game gives players the chance to participate in thrilling battles and try their best to take down their friends or the CPU. Unlock a variety of weapons and cosmetics for your character, and try your best to be the winner!

Created by theChAOTiC, Arena is perfect for those who want to play something quick and engaging with their friends. With seven different game modes and 20 different battle stages, players can have plenty of fun honing their reflexes and shooting skills! Do you have what it takes to uncover all 23 different weapons in Arena?

How To Play

  • Player 1: Control the character with the WASD keys. Shoot with the S key.
  • Player 2: Control the character with the arrow keys. Shoot with the down arrow key.
  • Player 3: Control the character with the IJKL keys. Shoot with the K key.
  • Player 4: Control the character with the TFGH keys. Shoot with the G key.

It is possible to remap the keys in the Options menu.


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